Digital Journal Entry #1- “My Sense of Place”

Uruapan, Michoacan Mexico is a place that I have visited many times. It’s the city of the avocados. Recently there was a problem because they set fire to a hill(cerro de la cruz) it had many trees and there were wild animals that lived there. They set fire to the hill because they wanted to cultivate more avocados. When the fire happened the Michoacan government didn’t want to do anything about it because it was good business for them so the Jalisco government sent helped. Unfortunately, many of the animals suffered real bad from the flames. The city also has a beautiful national park, it has many waterfalls. The water in this park is very clean, many visitors get to drink the water from the park. In this city it rains a lot which is very good, although some people do struggle to get clean water.


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Current Event: Middle East & North Africa- Catherine Danesta-Section2

I choose the article, The plight of Indian workers in the Gulf Lured and trapped away from home, because it talks about Indian people moving to the gulf for ‘better’ jobs. This article relates to the block content because in class we talked about the working conditions in Dubai and about how almost all workers are immigrants. Some of the push factors that the Indian people had to leave their country was that they would have better job opportunities. This article talks about people from the state of Telangana and about how they are in a drought which explains why the people who had agriculture jobs left. This article highlights that many of the people that leave are returned dead because of the horrible conditions they face working in Dubai or in another country from the Middle East. Most people are lured through Facebook telling them that they would win a lot of money. The workers believe but it ends up being a lied and they are the ones who end up in debt and with a horrible salary. Some questions that I have from this article are: Are they doing something in India to stop this? Is there another country that the people leave and return dead?

Current Events: Sub Saharan Africa-Catherine Danesta-Section2

I chose this article because of the massive growth that’s occurring in a third world country which is Nigeria. Its said that in 2050 Nigeria’s population is going to be higher than the US. Because of the pushing and pulling immigration this article is related to the class content. Since their is better jobs and more educational opportunity people move to Nigeria. People move to a new environment because of the difficulties they faced where they lived. Lagos, Kinshasa, Johannesburg, and Cairo are know as mega cities in Africa. The population of Africa is 883 million, but most of them are children to teenage. Questions that this article made me raise is: Why are people having so many babies? Do they offer females free implants?  Does their religion have to do with the women having so many babies?



Assignment #3 Film Response- Catherine Danesta-Section#2

Nature is “the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations(google definition)”. My relationship with nature is that I live off of it. I consume some of nature’s plants and animals and live in it’s landscape. Based on the definition that I got from google humans are not nature. I can see a division on what is human and what is nature. Humans destroy everything that is of nature. We take many things from what earth has to offer. In return instead of helping earth we slowly begin to really make a strong harm.

Current Event Assignment-Catherine Danesta-Section#2

The article I decided to read is called, “The Department is the Last Hideout of Climate Change Believers in Donald Trump’s Government”. I choose this article because in class we were learning about climate change and this article highlights a lot of things that have to do with that. From the article I got that thanks to climate change we have been getting all of the hurricanes and earthquakes that have happened. Question that were raised were: Will Donald Trump keep denying that global warming is happening? and How will he deal with the treat of climate change?



Life and Debt Film Response- Catherine Danesta- Section #2

The documentary Life and Debt is set in the place of Jamaica. Jamaica is a small island located in the Caribbean sea. This documentary was released in 2001; it  examined the ways that policies of the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.), the World Bank, and other aid organizations have changed the Jamaican economy over the past 25 years. The filmmaker uses sense of place as a locate to tell the story. At the beginning of the film, there’s a lady’s voice that is telling the audience about how Jamaica is a paradise for the tourists people and how beautiful it is, but also she tells us about how the Jamaican people view jamaica differently due to all of their struggles and the poverty they face due to the agreement that Jamaica made with the IMF. Jamaica made the agreement with the IMF due to the 1970’s crisis of the oil price increasing, so they had to borrow money from them. At that time Jamaica was barely becoming independent from Britain(i think) so it still needed time to grow as a nation. The lady also describes Jamaica as a small Island that is good for agriculture. From the film we see that they can cultivate many different types of foods, which means that the land is rich.


From the film Life and Debt we can see different types of scales of Jamaica. We can see the local Scale which shows the different neighborhoods within Jamaica. We see the tourist side of Jamaica which is described as a paradise but we also see the poverty side of Jamaica. The poverty side is where the Jamaican people have their homes at. The tourist side of Jamaica is near the beach where there’s beautiful hotels and views to accommodate them. The film also shows us the workplace scale. From this scale we can see the struggles that the Jamaican people go through due to the low payments they receive. Apart from getting paid too little they work in very poor conditions. The fact that they get paid very little affects their home because there is not enough money to pay the living expenses. We can also see that the foods they cultivate in Jamaica are more expensive than the foods that come from the U.S. This affects the workers that work in the agriculture field. Another type of scale that is used to tell the story is the global scale which shows us the trading agreements Jamaica has with other nations. An example of this scale is that the US imports their foods to Jamaica for less money than what the food in Jamaica costs. Another example is that Jamaica exports its goods to other nations like Britain and the US.

My personal thought of the film is that it was very educative for me since I had not heard before about what was going on in Jamaica and about the struggles that the Jamaican people faced, so all of what was in the documentary was new for me.


Globalization Response- Section 2

I believe that globalization is a generally a good thing for it can have many advantages and opportunities. Because of globalization, people from all around can get access to materials that they would generally not see in their country. People become aware of what’s made by other people around the world; they become aware of other cultures. I think the US mostly benefits from globalization since they can get cheaper products from different countries. Of course other countries benefit as well since many other nations can buy from their products.  An example of globalization is the company apple. Almost if not all of their materials are coming from china or other nations and their product is made in California(I think). Many things that are sold in the US come from China. Without globalization this wouldn’t be possible. Also many people like to explore and vacation to different places outside of their natal nation. I think that’s something globalization has brought up. It’s really amazing all that globalization has to offer.