Globalization Response- Section 2

I believe that globalization is a generally a good thing for it can have many advantages and opportunities. Because of globalization, people from all around can get access to materials that they would generally not see in their country. People become aware of what’s made by other people around the world; they become aware of other cultures. I think the US mostly benefits from globalization since they can get cheaper products from different countries. Of course other countries benefit as well since many other nations can buy from their products.  An example of globalization is the company apple. Almost if not all of their materials are coming from china or other nations and their product is made in California(I think). Many things that are sold in the US come from China. Without globalization this wouldn’t be possible. Also many people like to explore and vacation to different places outside of their natal nation. I think that’s something globalization has brought up. It’s really amazing all that globalization has to offer.

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