Current Event: Middle East & North Africa- Catherine Danesta-Section2

I choose the article, The plight of Indian workers in the Gulf Lured and trapped away from home, because it talks about Indian people moving to the gulf for ‘better’ jobs. This article relates to the block content because in class we talked about the working conditions in Dubai and about how almost all workers are immigrants. Some of the push factors that the Indian people had to leave their country was that they would have better job opportunities. This article talks about people from the state of Telangana and about how they are in a drought which explains why the people who had agriculture jobs left. This article highlights that many of the people that leave are returned dead because of the horrible conditions they face working in Dubai or in another country from the Middle East. Most people are lured through Facebook telling them that they would win a lot of money. The workers believe but it ends up being a lied and they are the ones who end up in debt and with a horrible salary. Some questions that I have from this article are: Are they doing something in India to stop this? Is there another country that the people leave and return dead?

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